Nauru Utilities Corporation issues fines for tampering of scratch cards

The Nauru Utilities Corporation will be coming down hard on customer found to be tampering with scratch cards.

NUC said any customer found to be tampering with scratch cards will be subject to severe penalties. Effective, immediately, any individual who is caught tampering with Scratch cards will be liable to pay a fine.

Fines are listed as, $1,000 for individual and $10,000 for commercial entity.

“It has come to our attention that some customers have been attempting to tamper with the scratch cards in an effort to alter the results. NUC takes this matter seriously, as it undermines the fairness and integrity of the scratch card system.”

“Therefore, NUC urges all customers to refrain from engaging in any form of tampering with scratch cards. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a transparent and trustworthy system and we will actively monitor the use of scratch cards to identify any instances of tampering. Any customer found guilty of tampering will be promptly notified and required to pay the fine within the designated timeframe.”