Nauru signs 99-year land lease for chancery in Canberra

Nauru, High Commissioner Camilla Solomon signed a premium land lease contract for a 99-year agreement for the construction of a chancery in Australia’s capital , Canberra this week.

Solomon signed the contract together with Gillian Sally Barnes, delegate of the Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The signing of the 99-year lease is the first key milestone of the project formalising ownership of Block 17 Section 67 in Deakin, Canberra.

A statement said the construction of the chancery must commence within 18 months from the lease commencement date and completed within three years.

“We thank the Australian Government and the National Authority of Canberra for allowing us this opportunity which will lead to reduced costs of operations. This is a significant opportunity that demonstrates the close relationship between our two countries,” Solomon said.

The high commission office in Canberra was officially opened in 2 March 2022.


Photo credit GIO