Nauru Reef 2 Ridge promotes Eben Omo awareness campaign in schools

A nation-wide ‘homegrown’ environmental practice campaign “Eben Omo’ has been successfully conducted in four school in Nauru.

According to Nauru Ridges to Reef Project Communications Officer, Deldeab Deduna, students and teachers have responded positively to the awareness campaign.

“Students had an inquiring nature and asked a lot of question regarding Eben Omo campaign and we had quizzes and prizes for students who given correct answers in the quizzes. Students were interested and engaged well by asking a lot of questions,” Deduna said.

Eben Omo was launched in Nauru in March 2018.

The campaign targets five community action themes including, grow local food, fish right, reduce, reuse and recycle, never litter and conserve water.

The Eben Omo campaign is led by the Nauru Government with support from the United Nations Development Programme.

It has partnered with Fiji-based not for profit behavioural change agency cChange.

Nauru R2R is also promoting kitchen gardens and is training people to plant fruits and vegetables.

“So far, we have assisted 37 households in our 5 pilot districts -Buada, Anabar, Ijuw, Anibare and Menengg,” Deduna said.

Some of the seedlings planted included egg plants, tomatoes, chinese cabbage, banana and coconut dwarfs.


Photo Nauru R2R Facebook