Nauru President meets Taiwanese President following UNGA

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has thanked Nauru President, Lionel Aingimea for supporting Taiwan.

In a tweet, President Tsai said she is deeply moved when President Aingimea adjusted his flights after the UN General Assembly in New York to stopover in Taiwai and ‘give weight to his words.’

"#Taiwan & #Nauru are of a family, & the family gets together to show support at a time of need.”

President Aingimea rearranged his itineraries and made a layover in Taiwan on Saturday during his return trip to Nauru to “show his support for Taiwan,” according to a statement issued by the Presidential Office on Friday (Sept. 27).

The head of the Pacific ally spoke up in favor of Taiwan’s participation in United Nations events at his address at the UN general debate on Thursday.

“Taiwan is ready to share the experience it has accumulated in reaching the level of success with its partner countries, including Nauru,” said Aingimea. “Development is not sustainable if it is not fair and inclusive, and therefore we call for the United Nations to embrace willing and capable partners like Taiwan in its SDG (sustainable development goals) endeavors,” he added.

President Tsai hosted a banquet for the ally in gratitude of Aingimea’s Taiwan-friendly statement at the UN General Assembly, said the statement. It added that the president looks forward to strengthening the country’s relations with Nauru in bringing peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Sworn into office in August, Aingimea has affirmed that his government will continue diplomatic relations with Taiwan, after the Solomon Islands and Kiribati decided to switch ties to China. In a statement issued on Thursday, Aingimea described Taiwan as “family” and said “we stand with Taiwan in upholding democratic values and the rule of law.”


Photo Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs