Nauru President Kun commends national airline’s achievement

Nauru President Russ Kun is pleased that their national airlines can be a part of Australia’s aviation history in owning the first B737-800 freighter in Australia.

Nauru Airlines has unveiled its second 800 series freighter plane VH-8TG, 5 August in Brisbane, further modernising Nauru’s aircraft fleet and making Australian aviation history as the first Boeing 737-800 freighter on the Australian register.

A statement confirmed that the new fleet can transport a useable payload of 22 tonnes of cargo for approximately 2,000 nautical miles.

Airline Chairman Dr Kieren Keke said the fleet is now bigger than ever, with six aircraft and a growing fleet focusing on “core, essential services that ensure Nauru is connected to key hubs.”

The aircraft is deliberately painted simply and minimal branding, with the plain white body and the Nauru Airlines tail and winglets displaying the Nauru branding.

The aircraft will ensure regular air freight services and delivery of more charters and wet lease services.