Nauru president attacks journalists for covering refugee stories during Forum

The Nauru President, Baron Waqa, has attacked journalists for covering refugee stories during the Pacific Islands forum.

Since 2013, about 900 refugees have been exiled to Nauru where the forum's annual leaders meeting concluded yesterday.

Mr Waqa, who earlier denied reports of widespread suffering among the refugees, says the Pacific is not interested in their stories.

"You'd rather talk about the issues with refugees things that only interest you but not the Pacific. You again the media are impressing your will on us. Don't tell me about refugees being an issue. How can it be an issue for Tonga, for Kiribati? No it is an issue for Australia and all those refugee advocates," Baron Waqa said.

The Nauru President said the media profits from spreading misinformation about the refugees which is why Nauru will continue to charge a journalist visa application fee of $US8000.

Earlier this week New Zealand journalist Barbara Dreaver was detained by Nauru Policefor interviewing a refugee on the island.