Nauru PPS Officers based at new Mental Health and Wellness Treatment Centre

Police Protective Services (PPS) Officers are now stationed at the new Nauru Mental Health and Wellbeing Treatment Centre at the RoN Hospital.

The new two-bed centre is staffed by a psychiatric doctor and two mental health nurses.

Director for Medical Services, Dr Lincoln Menda, told NPF Media the facility is a positive step in the right direction for mental health services on Nauru, with a vision to expand and upgrade the facility to cater for the mental health and wellbeing needs of the Nauru community.

PPS Officers are being provided with ongoing specialist mental health training to fulfil their role at the centre, monitoring and supervising those entering and leaving the facility, assisting staff where necessary and securing the area.

The mental health and wellbeing treatment centre is not like the rest of the hospital, Dr Menda explained.

It caters to a wide range of very complex cases, and needs to function more like an ICU (intensive care unit) than an ordinary ward.

As such, family visitations are restricted to one or two persons only, with access prearranged and visits limited to weekends only.

These limitations are in the best interests of patients, and aid in their recovery and improved mental health.

The PPS Officers are there to ensure safety for patients, their families and medical staff.


Photo supplied NPF