Nauru Police officers learn to use new vehicle registration app

The Department of Transport conducted a workshop with Nauru Police officers this week about accessing and using the new vehicle registration App Transport.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the app has been developed and introduced.

Police officers will be able to monitor unregistered motor vehicles by going online using data bundles and punching in a vehicles number plate to reveal if the vehicle is registered and when it will expire. .

Nauru Police Commissioner Ivan Notte said the new initiative from Transport is greatly appreciated as it will ease the work of the officers and will be used by the NPF for the benefit of the country.

For local users; the new app will show; vehicle make and model, fuel type, date of registration and expiry date, color of vehicle and purpose of the vehicle whether private government business or diplomatic. Other features that include blood type and driver’s license will be added.


Photo supplied Nauru Media News - NTV