Nauru Police to help authorities curb stray dog population

Two police officers will help quarantine officers in their efforts to control the stray dog population in Nauru.

Commissioner of Police Iven Notte agreed to commit up to two officers following a request for assistance from Justice Secretary Janmai Jay Udit.

There were reports of members of the public obstructing and abusing quarantine officers who were baiting and catching stray dogs in district neighbourhoods.

Police said with an average of two dog attacks on members of the community reported each week, Justice Secretary Udit is eager to work together with the public to solve the problem efficiently and humanely, and in the interests of all stakeholders, including the animals themselves, in accordance with the law and expert guidance.

The target is roaming stray dogs, so dog owners are advised to secure their registered dog/s on a leash or rope on their property.

This ensures that only stray dogs are baited in supervised conditions and can be removed.

There are about 4,000 dogs on Nauru and  938 are now officially registered, with Quarantine’s Amy Tsitsi reporting more than five new registrations a week.

This means 25% are pets, and the remaining 75% can be assumed to be roaming strays due to be targeted.


Photo Nauru Police