Nauru Police Force develops fitness training policy

The Nauru Police Force fitness level training committee had submitted its first draft of the official training policy and training manual to Police Commissioner, Iven Notte for approval.

The training manual includes a message from the Commissioner of Police and a detailed description of the programme.

Mr Notte said it is his duty as COP to enforce health, safety and fitness for the officers, who respond to and care for people in the community.

In his message, the Police Commission said it is his and his executive team’s priority and mandate to spearhead the reform for a fitter, healthier and safer police force in 2020.

‘This is an initiative that will help reduce the risk of injury and illness to police and one that will help prevent non-communicable diseases and prolong officers life span to be with family and loves ones longer,” Commissioner Notte said.

Police fitness trainers Alice Fritz and Dinamo Appin have described the RFL training as an “attain-maintain-assess’ cycle that after three repeated tests three months apart, will determine if a particular officer is ‘fit for work’.

Fritz and Appin prepared much of the training programme.

All 300 staff members of NPF, including the community liaison officer workforce are expected to undergo the training regime and perform the RFL test.

The first one is expected to be conducted in late July.


Photo supplied Caption: Police fitness trainers Dinamo Appin (left) and Alice Fritz