Nauru Police conducts Fitness Level Training

The Nauru Police Force conducted its monthly Required Fitness Level training inviting and challenging; health, education and media departments to a day of health, fitness and fun activities.

The RFL kicked off at the break of dawn at 6am, last Saturday.

Nauru Police Units comprising Operations Frontline, Staff 0900-1700, Police Protective Services and PTC/Recruits wore distinguishing colors of blue, red, yellow and white.

The Education staff wore red, most health staffs were in yellow and media was in black.

Apart from the training, other fun activities such as tug of war, basketball and volleyball were organised between the departments.

The Nauru public health also set up stalls and conducted health screens for those who wish to know their health status.

Health screens regarding, hypertension, blood sugar levels, height and weight were taken and recorded.

A tuberculosis stall was also there for people to test for TB through an injection which health staff will check in 3 days on Sunday at the Nauru Police station.