Nauru passengers return negative Covid results

During a scheduled PCR testing of travellers who flew in to Nauru from Brisbane on Thursday, three passengers were detected with very small traces of Covid-19 fragments.

A statement said the initial test results suggested shedding from old infection but this needed further testing to confirm.

The passengers had no known past Covid infection and had been well and asymptomatic. All previous tests taken before their travel were all negative.

President Lionel Aingimea also travelled on the same flight.

The presidential delegation all returned negative PCR tests results on Friday.

As a precautionary measure the Covid-19 Taskforce decided to move the President and delegation to the transit station at the Meneñ Hotel quarantine facility as further tests and assessments were carried out to determine whether the three cases were in fact old infections.

Further tests undertaken on Saturday confirmed that the three passengers were shedding very small fragments from past infection, which has resolved.

They do not have active Covid and are not contagious.

Nauru is still a Covid-free country.

Nauru’s pre-travel safe accommodation programme in Brisbane, Australia, in-country quarantine facilities and rigorous testing regime are all part of the government’s “Capture and Contain" strategy to ensure any possibility of the Covid virus entering Nauru is captured at the border and stopped from entering the community.