Nauru NES conducts successful showcase

The Nauru National Emergency Services (NES) conducted a showcase this week to physically display what the department does when responding to everyday emergency calls.

The event involving Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and lifeguards was attended by President Lionel Aingimea, Cabinet Ministers including Heads of departments and other guests.

Nauru Media NTV reports tThe showcase, which commenced at the Fire Station was opened with a prayer by Director of (NES) Barassi Botelanga followed by opening remarks by (NES) Secretary Roy Harris. Fire Chief Selso Dageago then briefed the guests on the different scenes that fire fighters will go through when they respond to an emergency.

The 40 fire fighters divided into 4 shifts, displayed and demonstrated the tone up and that is putting on firefighting gear within 30 seconds, answering an emergency call including rescuing an individual in a fire and putting out the fire.

One of the shifts displayed how they would respond to a vehicle involved in a road accident. They also demonstrated how they would safely secure the injured person from the vehicle and disable the vehicle.

Another shift demonstrated and went through the steps involved in applying CPR and Automated External Defibrillator equipment on a person not breathing, CPR on an infant and adult including securing wounds or fractures.

From the RFS building the guests journeyed to Anibare boat harbour to watch life guards at work.

At Anibare boat harbour, NES lifeguards again displayed a number of different situations and the actions that they would take to rescue a person struggling to swim or drowning.

Three lifeguards also volunteered to swim 400 meters under 9 minutes which is an Australian standard for lifeguards. All three swimmers consisting of 2 men and a woman made it safely under the standard times which are 9 minutes for men and 11 minutes for women.

Another scene involved a lifeguard rescuing a drowning person using a tube while another involved a lifeguard rescuing a struggling swimmer with the use of a board.

More scenes were displayed by lifeguards using escape techniques for their safety and rescue using jet skis.

Both the firefighters and lifeguards acquainted themselves very well during the various scenarios of the showcase.

They demonstrated great teamwork and applied various skills and techniques learned in responding to and rescuing people in a fire, accidents including drowning or struggling to swim.


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