Nauru has 12 new Covid cases, 3,998 cases recovered

Twelve new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Nauru over the weekend.

There are 586 active cases and two occupants at the Menen quarantine facility who were incoming passengers on a flight on Sunday will undergo the full 13 days isolation period.

Two cases admitted at the hospital’s Acute Care Unit have mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

They will be discharged later today.

According to the Government Information Office, 150 tests were conducted over the weekend.

A total of 15,758 Covid tests have been carried out in this outbreak.

There were 3,998 recoveries and one death.

The GIO said 32 houses are in lockdown with 752 residents.

Test results over the weekend equate to 3 per cent or approximately 1 in 35 results being positive.

Overall tests collected this outbreak is now at 29 per cent.

The public is reminded that if you test positive you must isolate at home for at least 13 days (10 days for essential workers) and follow protocols for ending isolation.

“Please practice hand hygiene and keeping your distances of 1.5-2 meters. If you leave your homes for essential reasons please wear a mask. “



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