Nauru declares public holiday to celebrate International Women's Day

A public holiday on Monday, March 8 has been announced in Nauru to commemorate International Women’s Day.

President Lionel Aingimea declared the public holiday which has been published in the Government Gazette.

Various activities have been organized beginning with the 10th anniversary celebration of the women’s safe house or Ewak in Erateko.

Ewak in Erateko or the safe house accommodates and shelters women and young girls including those fleeing being persecuted in their homes.

Nauru Media News - NTV reports there will be a half-day programme starting with a walk from Aiwo Tennis Court to Centennial Hall on Saturday morning.

The Department of Women has organized activities like floral arrangements, tie dye and brunch.

On Monday, the department has organized a church service to commemorate the occasion followed lunch and other activities.


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