Nauru Covid-19 active cases over 4,000

Nauru has recorded a total of 4,066 active Covid-19 cases with another 105 new cases in the latest reporting period.

The Ministry of Health said there are nine people admitted in the hospital’s Acute Care Unit.

A total of 942 cases have recovered.

The MOH also said 906 residents in 159 houses have recovered and are out of isolation. With an addition of 28 houses yesterday, the total number of houses on lockdown is now 345 with 3,106 residents.

“89 occupants in the quarantine facility (Budapest).”

“Yesterday’s test had 19 per cent or approximately 1 in 5 results returned positive. Overall tests done this outbreak reported 34 per cent or approximately 1 in 3 results are positive.”

“To curb the spread of the disease, the government has ramped up its enforcement of covid-19 measures.”

On-the-spot fines have also been introduced for anyone walking around for non-essential reasons, not wearing a mask, and gatherings of more than three.

The MOH confirmed that maximum penalties of up to $AU10,000 will be imposed for non-compliance.