Nauru continues to record new Covid-19 cases

Nauru has recorded 17 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday bringing the total to 3,822 active cases.

This was confirmed in an announcement by the President, Lionel Aingimea.

He said the results was from the 237 tests that was carried out by the Ministry of Health last week.

A total of 2,402 cases have recovered and one death from the virus.

Ten cases have been admitted to the Acute Care Unit with an additional three carers, four patients with moderate cases and six patients with mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

A total of 158 houses are in lockdown with 1,730 residents.

President Aingimea said the test results equate to seven per cent or approximately one in eight results being positive, further decreasing the ratio of positive cases. Positive tests collected this outbreak is 32 per cent of all tests.

Community effort is essential to collectively reduce the spread of COVID and protect the vulnerable from contracting the virus.