Nauru celebrates 55th anniversary of independence

Nauru is observing her 55th anniversary of Independence, today.

In his address, President Russ Joseph Kun said they are also commemorating the 77th Anniversary of our peoples return from Chuuk.

“Even as Nauru celebrates, our hearts lament in remembrance of our ancestors, uprooted from 2 of their homes to live in a country not their own.”

“Their stories passed down through generations, forever embedded in Nauru’s history are a part of our essence as a nation. Their courage, patriotism, tenacity, and unwavering faith in God are an inspiration.”

“We acknowledge and rejoice with those here with us today, who returned from Chuuk 77 years ago.”

“I also take this opportunity to acknowledge and pay tribute to Sir Hammer DeRoburt - Nauru’s founding father who is eternally memorialized in our country’s history. This year marks his 100th birthday.”

“I am privileged to have the opportunity to uphold his vision and ensure that Nauru remains “free and independent”.”

The President has declared today and tomorrow public holiday in celebration of Independence Day and Day following Independence Day.