Nauru Bureau of Statistics completes census data workshop

The Nauru Bureau of Statistics and the Pacific Community have successfully completed three-day joint workshop for statistics reading and interpretation, 29 August – 1 September.

A statement issued by the government said “The workshop aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding on how to properly read and interpret census data, including the NBOS’ 2021 population and housing census analytical report just released the day prior.”

Officer in Charge Ramrakha Detenamo said it was a great opportunity for people to broaden their understanding on Nauru’s current socioeconomic environment and helped to address some issues that each department might be facing in terms of accumulating and sharing data with relevant stakeholders.

Statistics can help provide vital information and put things into better perspective, ensuring that policies being enacted are formulated and justified with proper analytical evidence.

The NBOS is a section under the Department of Finance.