Nauru’s Dr Kieren Keke elected to Oceania Rugby board

Nauru Rugby Union President Dr Kieren Keke has been elected a member of the executive board of Oceania Rugby.

The election was held at the Annual General Meeting in Fiji today (Wednesday).

Dr Keke was nominated for the post of President as well as Executive Member.

Nauru Rugby Union became a full member of Oceania Rugby in 2016.

Under Dr Keke’s leadership, NRU has made significant progress.

In 2017, he was recognised by other members and put in the Competition committee where he has been driving and enforcing more 15s test matches for Tier 3 nations like Nauru, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon, Cook Islands and others.

Competition for that category will get underway in August.

Nauru has also applied to become a full member of World Rugby.

In 2015, the Nauru Men’s 7s made their International debut.

This was followed by the Women’s 7s team making their international debut in 2018.


Photo supplied. Caption: Nauru Rugby Union President and Oceania Rugby Executive Member,  Dr Kieren Keke (back row, 2nd left)