Nauru’s Department of Sport Anti-doping unit hosts training for local sporting federations

The Department of Sport Anti-doping unit is currently hosting a training session with the sports federation and other interested participants in Nauru.

The training is facilitated by the Oceania Regional Anti-Doping Organization and will run for four days commencing Monday 17th to Thursday 20th July held at the Sport Complex.

A statement said “Siniva Masters added that they are here to facilitate, organise more education and training awareness around Anti-Doping as well as clean sport to protect athletes here on the island.”

“The National Federation from the Nauru Olympic Committee has volunteered to support the clean sport movement to prepare athletes to get a better understanding of the process.”

“Anti-doping testing is a tool that is used for athletes to play a clean sport.”

Former weightlifter Itte Detenamo went through this doping testing during his competition in past years.

CEO for Oceania Regional Anti-doping Organization, Alister Stevic added that the importance of this anti-doping testing process is to ensure all athletes competing in various sports are clean, ensuring athletes are not getting an advantage over another athlete and ensure, fair and clean sport.

Oceania Regional Anti-doping organization is mainly to educate the Athletes, Managers, coaches, NOC and government the importance of the clean sport and its meaning and what substance might be banned.

The Organization is one of the regional organizations that looks after drug testing as well as education in each of the country members. A total of 16-member countries are affiliated by this organization that supports and services the Oceania region.