Naoero Museum receives personal collection of artefacts

The Naoero Museum received a donation of artefacts from the personal collection of the Secretary for the Department of People Living with Disabilities Riddell Akua today.

The artefacts include a bombshell casing, four clamshell fossils, one long-barrelled firearm and a plaque depicting the Nauru Phosphate Corporation’s (NPC) emblem used during Secretary Akua’s time as chair of the state-owned entity, NPC, before taking it down as the corporation transitioned into RONPHOS in 2005.

Secretary Akua donated his personal collection saying that he wanted other Nauruans to be able to view and appreciate them.

Director of the Naoero Museum, Horasio Cook expressed his gratitude on the museum’s behalf saying that the artefacts will further contribute to teaching future generations about Nauru’s history.

The museum welcomes artefacts from members of the public as a donation or temporary lending.


Photo supplied GIO