Miss Nauru is home away from home

Alexandra Pitcher takes the stage as Miss Nauru vying for the Miss Pacific Crown 2023 tomorrow with mixed emotions.

Born in Manila Philippines, Alexandra is representing her current place of residence but privately she is coping with tremendous personal pressure as her mother, Juliana Curry Pitcher is a former Miss Samoa who claimed the crown in 1981.

And it doesn’t get any easier with her Aunt Ursula Elizabeth Curry crowned as the 1987 Miss Samoa.

Her family did not pressure her in any way but nonetheless it was not an easy decision due to the family legacy on her mother’s side haunting her, said Alexandra, a journalist by profession who graduated from the Griffith University of Australia in 2021 with a Bachelors in Journalism and Creative Writing.

"As much as I am proud of my Samoan identity and heritage, I also identify myself as a Nauruan and I am just as proud and blessed to be able to have both for they make me the unique person I am,” she told the Savali News in an exclusive one on one.

In her spare time while in Apia to prepare for the Pageant, she took five to visit her grandparents residing at Vailima, saying the visit is priceless since her last visit was 11 years ago.

For now, the show must go on after a three-year absence, no thanks to the Covid-19 headache on the heels of the Measles Outbreak which forced international borders to shut down in the last 3 consecutive years.

Alexandra sees the Pageant as the perfect vehicle to promote the region as a tourism destination through informational sharing particularly journalism.

Tourism is the main stay of Samoa’s economy and the Pacific Island included.

Without a doubt, tourism is the biggest money earner for all of the Pacific Islands generating economic and financial benefits spin-offs reaped by Pacific residents from the grassroots to the national levels.

"I feel that writing about our people is echoing their stories within the Pacific region," she said noting that the unique Pacific Way of Life and identity deserves to be recognized and appreciated worldwide.

“I love writing," echoed Alexandra who presently works as Project Administrator under the umbrella of the Nauru Government Department of Multi-Cultural Affairs.

Alexandra is thankful for the support she received from Nauru to get her to Samoa and says she is blessed to have a helping hand from Nauru's Department of Women Affairs and Social Development and Nauru Tourism.

But she is most thankful to be home away from home and spending quality time with families and friends.


Photo by Marc Membrere Ssvali News  Caption: Miss Nauru Alexandra Pitcher