Miss Nauru follows in her mother’s footsteps

Alexandra Melody Pitcher will be following in her mother’s footsteps when she participates in the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant 2023.

Pitcher will be representing Nauru at the pageant in Samoa.

She is no stranger to the competition, as she is the daughter of crowned Miss Samoa in 1981.

Her mother, Juliana Curry Pitcher also went on to represent Samoa in the Miss World competition in the same year she held the title.

Pitcher with her Chaperone Faith Mau have officially checked in along with the other pageant contestants including American Samoa, Solomon Island and Samoa.

Miss Nauru and her chaperone settled in at their new suite, and were greeted by the Deputy Minister for WASDA Madam Isabella Dageago with gifts.

The 34th Miss Pacific Islands Pageant got underway on Sunday 29 January and will end on 4 February.