Judge Justice Khan extends tenure in Nauru Supreme Court

Justice Mohammad Shafiullah Khan has extended his tenure as a judge in the Supreme Court of Nauru for a second time.

A swearing-in ceremony for Justice Khan was presided over by President Lionel Aingimea on 9 September.

Justice Khan recalled fond memories of his first appointment in 2014.

He described it as a ‘very momentous occasion for Nauru as the entire judicial system has been re-established once again.”

 Justice Khan entered the Nauru judiciary at a swearing in ceremony along with another judge and a chief justice during what was a trying time in the country’s judiciary.

His tenure was later extended September 2017.

‘Despite criticisms from some sectors, we were able to establish a fully functioning judiciary and we were able to serve Nauru and it’s people, “Justice Khan said in an article in the Nauru Bulletin.

According to Justice Khan, in times of COVID, the progress to be made in audio-visual technology and teleconferencing is important to enable uninterrupted access to justice for all Nauruans.

“We are in the midst of carrying out legislative reform so that parties can have access through audio-visual links, this is indeed a huge departure from the traditional operations of the court but we have no choice.”

President Aingimea thanked Justice Khan for the work previously done.

He acknowledged the world of experience that Justice Khan brought to the judiciary in Nauru.

He said to serve again as justice ‘gives good continuity and strength to the judiciary.”


 Photo Nauru Bulletin