Digicel presents $131k worth of data to DPLD

Digicel today confirmed its continuous sponsorship to the Department of People Living with Disability.

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said; “This is a timely gift and part of our social corporate responsibility where we are giving 130 randomly selected people living with disabilities 10GB data monthly for 12 months which is worth $131,040.

“We hope to empower people living with disabilities through ICT and staying connected with their phones and laptops,” commented Manaog.

Deputy Minister for Health, Pyon Deiye said; “Thank you very much to Chris and his Team, for this grand gesture.”

Digicel last year presented the same token to 100 selected recipients and this year has added on an additional 30. They will receive Free 10GB data starting this month.


Photo supplied Digicel Nauru