Digicel pays out AUD$1.38M in Dividend

Digicel Nauru Corporation, complete communications and entertainment provider, today paid out AUD$1,318,809.60 dividend to local shareholders, the Government of Nauru, underpinning Digicel’s commitment to Nauru and her people.

Christopher Manaog, Digicel Nauru CEO said; “Digicel is extremely pleased to serve and give back to Nauru and boost our community through this dividend payments to the government. We are continually looking for ways to ensure that our customers and communities benefit from the best offers and best services. I must acknowledge that our success is Nauru’s success, and as our customers continue to invest with us, they are further investing in the future of our nation.”

“Furthermore, the great passion and pride shown by our staff in Nauru as they worked hard to deliver these results over the past few months, I would like to thank you all for your continued support.”

His Excellency Hon. Lionel Aingimea thanked Digicel for its significant contribution and said; “We would like to thank you Digicel for its continued support for the Government especially for Nauru in regards to the dividend that you keep paying. 

In as much as the dividend that Digicel brings to the island, you have improved your services and also those improved services includes assistance to the Nauru Police Force, assistance to our COVID19 response and now assistance to mental health issues that we have on island.

 We are really pleased to convey to Digicel our deep and heartfelt thanks, the gratitude of having a partner with Digicel that comes with us and understands what’s happening on island and enables us with them to go forward on these issues.”