Digicel network upgrade ensures Nauru wide LTE 4G+ coverage

Digicel, Nauru’s complete communications and entertainment provider has switched-on all its towers to LTE 4G+ network.

The network upgrade will see the delivery of much faster download and upload speeds than before, wider coverage and the ability to connect far more devices at the same time.

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said; “This is a milestone achievement for Nauru as the team is ensuring we have the right network in place to enable our customers experience their best digital lives with high-speed internet connectivity.”

“The network upgrade is in line with the Nauru Government’s vision of a world-class network and 1st world internet experience for her people. Today, we are proud to say that we have a network that is performing to world-class standards and the foundations of the network is very solid for the digital future,” commented Mr. Manaog.

“Nauru remains coronavirus-free and a very big thanks to the great efforts of the Nauru Health team and the Government.  Should coronavirus enter the island, Nauru will not only be ready with regard to health and medical facilities but likewise well prepared for the so-called “new normal”.  Nauru now has a telecommunications network infrastructure that is built and enhanced to support the new normal under COVID pandemic i.e. Work from Home, Online Learning and Information, Telemedicine, Online Banking, Online Shopping, Home Internet Entertainment and Virtual Family Gatherings.”


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