Digicel activates Business Continuity plan, advocating Prevention starts with you

Digicel has announced today that it has activated its business continuity plan to keep customers connected in light of the coronavirus.

Digicel CEO, Christopher Manaog, said, “Digicel understands the importance of keeping our customers, businesses and loved ones connected during times like these and have activated our business continuity plan to ensure that there are no service disruptions during this time. Our employees and customers remain our top priority.”

Manaog said the company’s Emergency Management Team has been meeting, monitoring and planning for the various possibilities surrounding the coronavirus.

He continued; “It's important to point out that, as a provider of essential services to the public, we have a duty of care to keep our business running no matter what. Indeed, at a time like this, the services that we provide to customers could not be more vital or more needed. We take that responsibility very seriously. Likewise, we’re taking this situation very seriously and doing everything we can to prepare our business and prepare ourselves. In light of this, all of our stores and offices will be sanitised as a precaution and moving forward we have implemented sanitisation zones at various key touchpoints.”

He added that its team will be working closely with the Ministry of Health and independent public health professionals to implement strict measures across all of its work locations to see that there are no risks to staff.


For more information visit the Digicel Nauru Facebook page or www.digicelnauru.com