Church service to close Nauru Independence celebrations 2021

A beautiful and fitting church service full of joyful songs and words of praise was held at Christ the King Church in Arubo to conclude Nauru’s weeklong 53rd anniversary of Independence Day and 75th anniversary of the return from Chuuk celebration.

Nauru gained independence on 31 January 1968.

Nauru Media News - NTV reports the national anthem was sung by the congregation prior to the service commencing with the formalities.

The service was attended by President Lionel Aingimea and first lady Ingrid Aingimea, Speaker of Parliament Marcus Stephen, Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki and his wife Martha, members of the diplomatic corps, Cabinet and Deputy Ministers and the Catholic congregation.

During the service, Chief Justice Fatiaki read the first reading and the Speaker of Parliament Marcus Stephen read the second reading.

Minister for Health, Isabella Dageago and Deputy Minister for Parliament, Timothy Ika took part in the offertory procession.

After the service, everyone was invited to Kayser College hall for refreshments.

While the people were enjoying the beautiful cuisine and entertainment prepared and organized, a hand over ceremony was conducted with the Speaker of Parliament Marcus Stephen, Deputy Speaker Timothy Ika, Minister Dageago and Minister for Nauru Utilities Corporation, Wawani Dowiyogo handed over a key to a new bus to the Principal of Kayser College, Lovita Detabene for Kayser Infant school.

The bus, a priority need for the school was highlighted during President Aingimea and his delegation’s visit to schools on the island.

The Speaker of Parliament Mr Stephen, Deputy Speaker Mr Ika, Minister Dageago and Minister Dowiyogo were instrumental in pushing Kayser College's need for a bus.

Mrs. Detabene thanked President Aingimea and the Government for their support for Kayser College.



Photo Nauru Media News - NTV