Captaine Quiros on its final voyage to Nauru

Neptune cargo vessel Captaine Quiros arrived on Wednesday (yesterday) on its last voyage to Nauru.

The cargo vessel will go through Covid-19 testing and if cleared will berth on Thursday to discharge 85 containers.

According to Nauru Media News – NTV, the vessel will no longer visit Nauru as the shipping company’s contract with Nauru Port is expiring.

Meanwhile a landing craft will arrive today (Thursday) January bringing tanks for the Department of Commerce Industry and Environment (CIE).

The landing craft will off-load the tanks at the Aiwo causeway.

Nauru Shipping Line’s (NSL) vessel Micronesian Pride will arrive on its maiden voyage tomorrow.

The vessel replaces the chartered vessel Kiwai Chief which has been servicing Nauru the past few months.

The Micronesian Pride is bringing a full load of containers.


Photo courtesy Nauru Media News - NTV Caption: Captaine Quiros in Nauru