US woman reveals the number one gift she says women don't want to receive on Christmas

One woman's viral tweet about the present women definitely don't want for Christmas has caused controversy online after it resurfaced amidst this year's festive season.

"Your girlfriend doesn't want heart-shaped jewellery, I promise you," US woman Clare tweeted.

"If you read this and still think she wants something heart-shaped, I am willing to help you find something that isn’t ugly. 

"This is my act of service to my fellow women."

While originally posted last December, the post has resurfaced and racked up over 400,000 likes, with people debating the claim. 

Thousands of women commented in an agreement calling heart-shaped jewellery "tacky" and "childish".

"Thank you for your service," one woman wrote. 

"Bring her the actual heart of her greatest enemy [instead]," wrote another. 

“Heart-shaped anything is for children," agreed a third, while another said heart-shaped jewellery reminds her "of the play jewellery that came in the princess dress up kits when I was like five." 

But others thought the tweet sounded rude and ungrateful. 

"Speak for yourself, I love any thoughtful gift. If he loves me and thought I would like it, why would I not appreciate it?" one woman countered. 

"I like heart-shaped things but okay. Speak for yourself next time, not all of us," wrote another. 

Some women even posted photos of the jewellery their partners had bought for them. 

But if they thought that was going to prove a point, they were wrong. 

"[I'm laughing] at everyone replying with their ugly heart jewellery," one commenter joked. 

If you're saddened to hear the brutal honesty about heart-shaped jewellery, you're going to hate to hear how women feel about beauty sets with tiny bottles of shampoo and body lotion.