South Auckland street to act as runway for Pacific Fusion Fashion Show.

Plans have gone ahead for this year's Pacific Fusion Fashion Show in the hopes that by December, Auckland's alert levels have dropped.

Eleven Pacific designers will display their work in a show that celebrates culture and diversity on St George Street in Papatoetoe.

The show's founder and director Nora Swann says the use of a road as a runway is unprecedented.

"This year our creative director is Sammy Salsa and he's confirmed that he hasn't seen anyone have a fashion show on the street so heaps of red tape around it but together with council and Auckland Transport, they've made that process so much easier."

The celebrated Pacific Fusion Fashion Show anticipates a return to South Auckland on Saturday 4th December and Swann says due to Covid's impact on Pacific peoples, planning well for the event is key.

"The big thing from my end, from what my team is saying, is that we've had to stay connected to the designers and to the models and to everyone that's working behind the scenes just to make sure that they're ok because it is a high intense role.”

She says “Everyone sees this fantastic event on the day but there's so much happening behind the scenes so it's a high pressure environment that we're working in and so making sure that everyone is ok especially in these times of uncertainty has been a really big thing for us."