The American TikToker obsessed with Pasifika food and Kiwi kindness

Known on TikTok for his motivational videos and food reviews, Joshua Profit (@fatherprofit) has recently gone viral on the platform for sharing his experience of Kiwi kindness.

Profit and his family spent a weekend in Timaru attending the Colgate Games recently. After the athletics meet, the family came back to their vehicle and realised they had a flat tyre. 

Tagata Pasifika reports in a video titled ‘NZ is just different’, Profit told his followers, “I was about to go out and change the tyre when my wife reminded me that we have roadside assistance, so we called them, and they told us they would be there in 15 minutes.

“It has been like, 10 people – literally 10 people, I’m not exaggerating – that has stopped and said ‘hey man, you need help?’

“In America, you could be walking around with a hundred dollar bill and be like ‘hey man can you help me change this flat’, it’s not happening…nobody offering a damn thing to help,” Profit lamented.

“It’s almost uncomfortable how nice people are here.”

Many commenters confirmed this with one writing, “if you came across islanders they would’ve offered to lift your car while you swap the wheel out.” 

Another wrote, “I’ve legit never had to change a tyre on my car here in NZ. Everytime I pop the boot, someone pulls over and helps.

“In New Zealand we all whanau (family), we help each other.”

Profit’s TikTok also features his reviews on food which include an array of Kiwi food novelties and Pasifika dishes – no doubt an influence from his Samoan wife. 

From Sunday church feeds to various Pacific eateries around the country, Profit’s reviews of Pasifika food tend to be quite popular with his audience. 

In one of his videos, Profit, together with some of his children’s teammates, chow down on Sapasui and fried bread from Wolfpack Catering in Christchurch.

“Have mercy!” he exclaims after his first bite, “this is good man!” 

In another video, he tries a Mango, Pineapple and Coconut Otai for the first time and bursts in surprise, “oh wow!

“I need to have my toes in the sand for this…this is the bomb diggety!”