Sweden backs Pacific human rights programme

Sweden has pledged to financially assist the Pacific Community's (SPC) human rights programme.

The agreement focuses on the SPC's Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT) based in Suva.

The SPC said it was pleased the Swedish government shared its vision for a socially just and equitable Pacific and had matched that commitment with material action.

Anne-Charlotte Malm from Sweeden's Regional Asia and Pacific Embassy in Bangkok said Sweden was excited about the partnership.

The agreement will support the core objectives of RRRT until 2021 to promote good governance and human rights standards, to end violence against women and to support local action for sustainable development.

This includes new areas such as incorporating gender and human rights education into school curricula and supporting faith-based action to end violence.

Ms Malm said support for climate change resilience would also be boosted.


Photo: Embassy of Sweden in Bangko / Borja Sanchez Trillo Anne-Charlotte Malm