Rat infestation problem at American Samoa Post Office

There's a rat infestation problem at the US Post Office in American Samoa, but local authorities require federal approval before attacking the pest.

Territorial health officials are waiting for official permission from the US Postal Service to enter the facility for inspection and address the infestation.

Samoa News reports that the rat problem was raised during a House Health Committee hearing.

A local lawmaker, Luaitaua Gene Pan, told the hearing that every time he goes to the Post Office to pick up his mail, the Post Master or other senior officials approach him and ask for assistance with the problem of the many rats living inside the building.

He said that according to several employees of the Post Office, the problem of rats living in the building is not new and there were times that some mail package were eaten by rats.

In response, the acting director of the territory's health department, Vesi Talalelei Fautanu Jr, said they were waiting for an official communication from the US Postal Service before they could move in to take care of the rat problem.


Photo file Samoan News  Caption: Post Office in Pagopago, American Samoa