PM's Pacific Island trip becomes a family reunion

Jacinda Ardern has been reunited with her family while being welcomed to Niue for the first time as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister arrived in Niue as part of her week-long trip around the Pacific Islands and was greeted by her parents, sister and niece today.

Ms Ardern's father, Ross Ardern, is New Zealand's High Commissioner in the country and served as Police Commissioner since 2003.

During her traditional welcome, Ms Ardern was asked the purpose of her trip here.

"I replied - at least I believed I replied in Niuean - that I come in peace. If I could've added 'I also come in joy', I would've," she said.

Ms Ardern said it was extra special to come to Niue for the first time as Prime Minister.

She is meeting with Niue Premier Toke Talagi today, where the discussion is expected to focus heavily on sustainability and energy.

Premier Talagi said New Zealand had given about $50 million over the past eight years, but he would like to see Niue start to rely less on that money.

Niue had done very well out of tourism because of that investment, he said.

"In the future, I expect us to generate sufficient money so we can look after ourselves as much as we can".

He said he knew some people were skeptical, but he only cared about doing "what we say we're going to do" to make Niue a prosperous place.