Papuans of Indonesia donate assistance to PNG quake victims

People of Indonesia's Papua province have donated a large relief package to Papua New Guinea for its earthquake victims.

The magnitude 7.5 quake in Hela province on 26 February claimed at least 150 lives and caused widespread devastation in several PNG provinces.

The quake was also felt in various parts of Indonesia’s eastern most province, particularly in the area around the border with PNG.

Over five tonnes of food and clothing assistance for PNG's quake-affected communities were this week handed over to PNG by the Papua Language Institute.

Since early March, the Institute has been collecting donations from Papuans on the Indonesian side of the border.

The Institute donated goods including rice, noodles, tea, coffee, canned fish, sugar, milk, water, clothing and toys.

The aid was received by PNG border officials at the Skouw border access point earlier this week.