New Caledonia's pro-independence camp wins historic election

New Caledonia has elected a pro-independence government, its first since 1999.

The vote follows the collapse this month of the tenuous power sharing government led by conservative president Thierry Santa.

New Caledonia's 54 seat Congress has cast its votes for a new 11 member government.

The anti-independence coalition of loyalists, L'Avenir en Confiance got 18 votes securing four ministerial portfolios and Caledonie Ensemble secured one portfolio with six votes.

On the pro-independence side, the combined Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS) and Pacific Awakening slate garnered 16 votes securing three portfolios and the National Union for Independence or UNI also secured three portfolios with 14 votes. Pacific Awakening is largely supported by constituents from Wallis and Futuna.

Failed attempt at electing a new president

An attempt to elect a new president failed following the main vote with three candidates put forward for the role.

In order for the government to come into power the 11 elected ministers must elect a president by a majority vote.

Three candidates were put forward last night: on the French loyalist side Mr Santa and on the pro-independence side Louis Mapou and Samuel Hnepeune.

With the pro-independence vote split between two candidates a majority was not possible.

It is understood the next attempt to elect a president will be made early next week.

The scene is now set for the third and final referendum on independence from France.