In Honiara hotels, lobbying for a new government begins

Two groups are camped out in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara lobbying to form the country's next government.

This follows the opposition's defeat of prime minister Manasseh Sogavare in Monday's vote of no-confidence.

The group which successfully moved the motion of no-confidence is basing its lobbying at the Honiara hotel.

Meanwhile the rump of Mr Sogavare's former government is based at the Heritage Park Hotel.

A member of this group, the MP for Nggela Bartholomew Parapalo, said they were not out of the race.

"We will return. Our group is confident to return our government," he said. "We stick to our group, we do not break out. We remain intact and we look forward to contesting ther coming election for the new prime minister."

Mr Parapalo said the vote for prime minister was expected to be next week.

He said the Sogavare group had not settled on its candidate for the vote yet, and it's not clear who the Honiara Hotel group will nominate either.



Photo: RNZ/ Koroi Hawkins Solomon Islands Parliament