Gioluba appointed as president of Nauru Youth Parliament

Jomina Gioluba has been elected as president of the Nauru Youth Parliament.

Goluba was selected after an election by the youth members during their first ever sitting last week.

A statement issued by government also confirmed that Jo-delia Agigo has been appointed as speaker and deputy speaker, with Nicodemus Kamtaura pre-appointed as the clerk of Parliament.

“In an unexpected turn of events, the anticipated opposition leader, Mr Olsson swayed the votes in his favour, 10 – 4 against member Zillman Gioura.”

“A number of the members were not able to attend the inaugural sitting due to study commitments overseas.”

“Those who spectated some of the sessions from the gallery included His Excellency President Russ Kun, other members of parliament, representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Victorian Parliament.”