Fiji PM eager to host Pacific leaders

Leaders from around the Pacific region will meet in Fiji, next week.

Fiji Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka said he remains committed to working closely with Pacific Islands Forum leaders as he looks forward to welcoming them to the country to celebrate the dawn of a new era.

Rabuka highlighted this in a statement on Pacific solidarity.

He stressed that as the Chair of the Forum, he returns to this leadership role as the oldest leader-in-office regionally, which means he does not have the luxury nor the flexibility to make mistakes.

Rabuka added that it also means that he brings a depth of experience and learnings he accumulated over the years on the Pacific way of leadership.

In the Pacific, Rabuka stated that we share common underlying values built around our people, communities, r cultures, and traditions that form our identity as Pacific people.

Like many in the Pacific, Rabuka also highlighted that he followed with regret the impasse in the Pacific Islands Forum over the last two years.

He said he regretted that no political effort was invested in resolving this impasse when it first transpired.

Therefore, when he assumed the role of the Forum chair last December, Rabuka said he undertook to do everything in his power to find a resolution.