Fiji’s Taveuni Island to receive first international guests today

Taveuni which is known as the Garden island of Fiji will receive their first international tourists today after almost two years.

Taveuni Tourism Association President Terri Gortan said they are organizing a formal welcome session at the Matei Airport before the guests are taken to their hotels.

Upon their arrival, the international guests will also be part of a new carbon footprint offset programme.

Gortan said everybody who travels to Taveuni via plane, actually uses enough carbon for them to plant one tree.

She added that if one tree is planted for every traveler to Taveuni and return, it would offset their carbon footprint.

“We are expecting, hopefully a plane-load of travellers or maybe a few people five or six and we will be at the airport and we are going to ask our travellers that just arrive and our pilots and any of the crews to help us plant one tree for everybody that comes to Taveuni. So, we are reallyexcited about that.”

According to Gortan most hotels and resorts in Taveuni are open now while some are in the process of opening.

She added, others are still preparing and will open next year.

The island in the northern most part of Fiji boasts some of the best diving spots.