Cyclone Niran causes damage and injures one in New Caledonia

Cyclone Niran injured at least one person and caused extensive damage in New Caledonia according to early reports.

The cyclone hit today generating gusts of up to 220km/h.

RRB radio reported a child was injured by shards of glass from a bay window during the storm.

About 20,000 people are without power and roofs have also been ripped off buildings in the town of Dumbéa, on the outskirts of Noumea.

Several ships have also been forced aground on the coast in Noumea although according to a provisional report, no major damage was recorded following this cyclone, the intensity of which was a little lower than expected.

Meteo France NC said there was not a lot of rain during the storm but violent winds ranging from 130 to nearly 220km/h caused problems.

It's been reported 50mm of rain fell over the course of six hours.

"Niran caused extensive damage to the power grid and to vegetation," a civil security spokesperson told the AFP.

Meanwhile there are 400 people still sheltering in evacuation centres in the capital of Noumea.

The cyclone is weakening as it moves to the southeast of the New Caledonian mainland.