Concerns at CNMI hotel building site after injuries

RNZ reports dozens of serious work related injuries at the construction for a new hotel resort in the Northern Marianas have led to a request for a government inspection of the site.

A construction worker dying of a heart attack and about 80 serious injuries have been recorded at the construction site of the 190-million, 373-room Imperial Pacific Resort on Saipan.

The US Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez has requested the federal court to issue a warrant to inspect the construction project after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration tried, but was denied entry.

MCC International Saipan Ltd, which operates the construction site for Hong Kong-based Imperial Pacific International, reported that an onsite worker had a heart attack.

Of the 80 serious injuries reported from this year, 43 were caused by being hit by a moving or falling items, 12 were injured by a power tool, and nine from falls.

Photo: Supplied (Saipan, CNMI)