Prince Harry's Spare kicks off publishing bonanza

Welcome book lovers! It's that time of year to cosy up and feast your eyes on the luscious literary offerings for the year ahead.

We've rounded up a select few of 2023's major titles (apologies to those who missed the cut but this article may otherwise have ended up longer than War and Peace).

First up, it's memoirs and we kick off the year with a certain Prince Harry's autobiography, Spare, a reference to the phrase "the heir and the spare", one assumes.

It's expected to include the prince's full account behind his decision to give up royal duties and move to the US (although after Oprah and a six-hour Netflix documentary, how much more can be left to reveal?)

While it promises "raw, unflinching honesty", we'll have to wait and see just how many bridges it will burn back in the UK when it's published. Released 10 January, Penguin.

Other biographies of note include that of renowned children's author and poet Michael Rosen, who shares his story and life lessons in Getting Better. If anyone knows how to build resilience, it's Rosen, who here explores both his grief at losing a child and his long battle against Covid-19. 2 February, Penguin.

Blake Morrison's groundbreaking confessional memoir And When Did You Last See Your Father? was published nearly 30 years ago and his latest book comes out on its anniversary.

Two Sisters tackles the guilt and shame familiar to many who have a family member with an addiction - Blake's sister Gill struggled with alcoholism - while he also unearths the story behind his half-sister Josie. 16 February, HarperCollins.

On a lighter note, from Studio 54 to Sex and the City, fashion stylist Patricia Field tells all in her memoir Pat in the City - get it? HarperCollins, 14 February.