PNG-West Papuan artists in exclusive performance

A collaboration of Papua New Guinea and West Papuan artists will feature at Asia TOPA’s XO state in an exclusive performance later this month.

Under the label Rebel Musik, founder Airileke will bring with him various artists, including members of Grrilla Step, Twin Tribe, Paluai Sook Sook, Drum Drum and Rize of the Morning Star onto the international platform.

This may not be the first appearance of PNG’s Airileke, but the performance promises to be mind-blowing, featuring new faces, bringing with it the true Papuan identity.

For the first time Rebel Musik will feature Ukam Maniczy, a West Papuan born artist who represents a new generation on the ‘rize’ in Indonesia.

Another leader in a movement of contemporary PNG music is Mogu. Hailing from Mailu in the Central Coast of PNG, Mogu fuses traditional instruments such as kwakumba flutes, kundu and garamuts with modern forms of music and genres.  

Then comes emergent rap artist Sprigga Mek with his different style of hip-hop. Sprigga Mek is one of a kind and has caught the attention of listeners, blending modern hip-hop beats and contemporary sounds interwoven with rapping in his native dialects i.e. Tok Pisin, Mekeo, Motu plus English, this is one multi-lingual-emcee.

Together they present Rebel Musik – urgent, political, in-your-face ‘musik’ from one of the harshest urban environments on the planet.

The team will be leaving next week for the cultural music celebration (XO state) which begins on Feruary 22. 

Rebel Musik performs February 24 on the late line up from 9pm on XO state, showing at the Arts Centre, Melbourne.  

Interested residents of Melbourne can visit Asia TOPA for entry fee information.

Asia TOPIA runs from Januray to April. 

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(Picture: Asia TOPA  - XO State Dark)



Gloria Bauai