Meet Miss Tuvalu 2019

Twenty-five-year-old assistant tourism officer, Tapua Vavale Pasua, is the 2019 Miss Tuvalu representing her country at the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in PNG in November this year.

Just last month Miss Pasua represented Tuvalu at various at the United Nations Youth Climate Change Summit in New York, and also as Peace Boat Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador.

She said: “I am the second daughter born into a country known for its culture and togetherness. I am proud to say that I was not only raised by my immediate family but the community of Tuvalu – a common story for any Tuvaluan.

“Community living developed my passion for my land, people, culture and ocean. Through the years, I have been passionate about working with youth, not only in Tuvalu but abroad, with the purpose to empower young women through education, both formal and informal, a solution to saving our home and identity.”

Miss Pasua is a keen public speaker and dancer who loves Pacific Art.

“I have represented Tuvalu at various international events. These opportunities allowed me to promote the culture of Tuvalu and amplify our voices as the sole protectors of our future and our identities.”

She hopes to study law and arts (international relations) in New Zealand’s Victoria University.

“The opportunity to do first year law and arts (international relations) at the Victoria University, in New Zealand, motivates me to strive to become a successful woman who can one day contribute to my country’s development.”

Currently her role as assistant tourism officer for the Tuvalu Government keeps her busy and gives her the opportunity to promote her country.

“I aspire to complete my studies and work my way to becoming a diplomat for my country, what I see as the highest representation and protection of the interests of my country and people – my solemn duty to my children, family and home.”

The Miss Pacific Islands Pageant will be hosted in PNG from November 24-30.

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