J-Lo video at 'beach shack'

A lot of thought goes into the locations chosen for music videos, and this beach shack in Florida Keys ticked all the boxes for Jennifer Lopez and her crew.

They chose it to film her latest video, Ni Tu Ni Yo, because it "captures the romance of old Cuba" and had the right "tropical" feel.

The waterfront property, in Millionaire's Row, is called the Zim Estate, and it's one of just five houses in the street. It has come onto the market, for US$6.487 million (NZ$6.85 million), and comes with its own dock and boat ramp.

Listing agency Christies Real Estate says the property offered the perfect inspiration for owner Herbert Zim, a well-known author, who wrote or edited more than 100 scientific books.

"He is best known as the founder, in 1945, and for twenty-five years, editor in chief, of the Golden Nature Guides, pocket-size introductions for children to such subjects as fossils, zoology, microscopy, rocks and minerals, codes and secret writings, trees, wildflowers, dinosaurs, navigation and more."

The house appears to be in near-original state, complete with outdoor sofas, hammock and box-crate coffee table. But it also has some very cool Mid-century features, including the awning windows and colour scheme.

The video includes film of J-Lo with current business partner and ex-husband Marc Anthony, planning the shoot and dance scenes throughout the property.


Photo: CHRISTIES REAL ESTATE (J-Lo's latest video Ni Tu Ni You was filmed at this Mid-century property in Florida Keys, which is for sale for $8.65 million).