Harry Styles debuts new song (and Twitter goes crazy)

Happy Harry Styles Day!

At least that's what it feels like as the former One Direction member debuted his new song, "Sign of the Times" Friday and the Internet commenced to freak out.

This is standard practice, by the way, for anything having to do with the former members of One Direction.

The long, slow-paced jam. which clocks in just under six minutes, quickly lit up Twitter as fans shared their love of it.

"Everyone needs to bow down to Harry Styles today because he's the king and his new song is legendary," one person tweeted.

Styles told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw that he got some major feedback from someone who knows his way away a hit: fellow heart throb Ed Sheeran.

"He didn't say that he didn't like any but he did like one song that isn't on the album," Styles said. "So I did have a bit of a minute of like, 'Hmmm no but....'"